Our Vision

A community where everyone has the opportunity to achieve a working future.

Our Mission

To contribute to equity and social justice in society by directly assisting disadvantaged people plan and achieve their work and/or learning goals.

Our Passionate Core Belief

Everyone deserves a working future!

Our Value Statement

We help people grow, feel good about themselves and hopeful for the future. We achieve this with Integrity, Respect, Connectedness, Collaboration, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking.

About us

Employment Options is a community-based charitable organisation which provides high quality services for over 30 years to people in our local communities, especially to young people, unemployed people, or those who are disadvantaged.
Employment Options is a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) and have Deductible Gift Recipient status (DGR). Employment Options helps disadvantaged people to plan and achieve employment and education goals. We believe in a community where everyone can achieve their working future.

Evidence based research clearly demonstrates that access to sustainable employment is the most critical factor in people being able to achieve their life goals, and to contribute to society to their full potential. People who don't have school or post-school qualifications have disproportionately high rates of joblessness and employment which is erratic, low paid and low skilled. Consequently, they are also more likely to experience financial distress, homelessness, family disruption, and social exclusion. Employment Options addresses this through a variety of services, including alternative learning centres, support and mentoring, involvement in a range of industries including arts and cultural and career education and case management.

Together, we help people grow, feel good about themselves and hopeful for the future. – Michelle Braham, CEO