Stephen is the Workshop Facilitator, NDIS Mentor and Youth Space Case Manager at Employment Options. He began at Employment Optiojns as a work placement student whilst completing his Certificate 4 in Youth Work. Once completed, he was lucky enough to be offered a role as an NDIS Mentor. Being in that role has helped him grow professionally and personally.
A chance came up to move in to the workshop facilitator role which he took, also starting a small role doing some case management. Stephen enjoys learning and tackling challenges, seeing himself as a jack of all trades but master of none. He strives to help people learn new skills but also like to learn skills from those around him.

His Clients' Journey:

Stephen and Muowie Designs owner: Paul Miller helping client; Alfred with screen printing T-shirt production.

Stephen with client: Don participating in a woodwork project. 

Stephen with client: Cooper finishing the construction of a table.