Saw Dust

A learning program - allowing participants to engage in creative woodwork projects to:

  • Increase their awareness and understanding of WHS and Workshop safety signs and instructions.
  • Learn how to safely and effectively use hand and power tools such as: saws, drills, sanders, grinders, hammers, screw drivers, planers, and more!
  • Learn to read and follow project plans, diagrams and instructions.

Our mentors are trained and experienced in strengthening participant confidence and self-esteem, independent living skills, communications skills and social skills.

Delivery Location and Methology

40 Sturt Street, Adelaide.

This program will be delivered in our workshop.

Support Category/Registration Group

Core - 0125 – participation in community, social and civic activities

Capacity Building – 0116 – innovative community participation

Capacity Building – 0117 – Development of Daily living and life skills