Employment Options is an approved member of the Department of Education and Children Development Panel of Preferred Providers for the provision of ICAN (FLO) Case Management Services in Secondary Schools and/or Primary Schools.

Our case management services address the living, learning and transition requirements of each young person, and are tailored to the individual support needs of each the young person.

Our non-judgmental case management approach explores and identifies the young person’s strengths, rather than focusing on their limitations, and our youth workers use an empowering methodology to ensure ongoing choices for the young person. Through building rapport, and establishing trusting relationships, our youth workers form an effective foundation for re-engagement and personal development outcomes.

After working with each young person to identify their specific needs, the case worker and the young person develop a plan matched to their individual needs, which identifies the services, assistance and actions needed to reach their learning, personal and career goals.

The young person and their case manager work together to follow through on all the steps in the plan.

Case management services can be provided in schools, or in other agreed environments which are comfortable for the young person

This service is funded through the SA Government FLO program. Eligible young people are:

  • from Year 6 level to age 21
  • disengaged from school/education
  • referred through the school FLO system
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