BizAbility – Think Ability, Then Design Your Business

BizAbility assists people with a disability explore entrepreneurship as a pathway to achieving self-employment using human centred design (HCD) methodology. Participants identify an idea for self-employment matched to their abilities and circumstances, test assumptions and create an action plan to achieve self-employment using the 5 core modules of Design Thinking: Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test.

Throughout the program, participants will have access to a mentor for individual support and assistance. They also become part of a community where they can share their experience with others and hear from entrepreneurs with lived disability experience.

We see successful participants leave the program with a stronger purpose, awareness of opportunities and increased motivation to achieve self-employment.

Outcomes include:

  • Increased understanding of self-employment and skills needed
  • Raised confidence to start their self-employment journey

Available to NDIS Participants:

  • 17 to 65 years old
  • Want to explore self-employment/business
  • 12 months of learning & mentoring
  • Approx. 12 weeks (3 hours per week) exploring & learning
  • Approx. 40 weeks (3 hours per week) business mentoring


Please contact the BizAbility Team:

Nate Overbeeke on 08 8388 6600

Support Category/Registration Group

Capacity Building – 0116 – Innovative Community Participation

Core - 0125 - Access to community, social and rec activities (in some circumstances)

Capacity Building - 0117 - Development of daily living and life skills (in some circumstances)

Download the BizAbility Flyer