Drive Me (P's Program)

Drive Me is a Driving Experience Mentoring Program to help you get the required 75 hours for your P’s. The goal of this program is to overcome your challenges for getting your P's, increase opportunities to learn about employment or traineeships, and acquire necessary skills and develop good driving behaviour.

  • To start Drive Me Program a minimum of 4 hours must be completed with a professional driving instructor.
  • We will provide you with a Trained Driving Mentor (Responsible Supervising Driver) and the use of our modified car
  • You will participate in a four-hour road safety program, before driving practice commences
  • To attain your 75 hours, you will attend 1 hour twice per week for one2one supported driving practice. The time and day is negotiated with you and our NDIS Mentor
  • The program is approx. 84 hours over 12 months and costs approx. $5,450


Please Note:

Please Note:

Final driving test must be successfully completed with a professional driving instructor; this cost is not included in Drive Me Program.

This program can be funded under Core Supports or Capacity Building Supports depending on your available NDIS funding

Download the 'Drive Me' Flyer