Daniel (Danny) works as an NDIS Mentor alongside people who like to test their skills using their hands whether it could lead them to find work, get serious with hobbies or just tinker.

While he is not a qualified trade’s person, he has put his hands to many things over the years working, and through personal life skills.  This includes woodwork, metal work, building things and mechanics.  For example working, with young Aboriginal men to find them direction in their lives away from alcohol and drugs.  Danny would take them out to outstations and build youth camps, which included all of the skills above.  Building bough shelters with trees local to that area like ironwood, eucalypt trees and spinifex to camp grounds with outdoor toilets (Long drops) and sheds for living quarters.  Also trouble shooting for the local Aboriginal Council (Tangentyere Council) to fix or make whatever was requested.

Danny finds working with people and assisting them very rewarding, especially when he sees them happy and smiling from something that they have made for themselves and a positive experience.